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Hi, I'm Maria Gill
I'm a children's author and freelance writer, specialising in non-fiction and environmental writing. Some of my titles include: 'New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame', 'The Last of Maui's Dolphin', 'Operation Nest Egg Chick', 'Running the Country!', 'Eruption!', 'The Call of the Kokako', 'New Zealand Hall of Fame', 'Rangitoto', 'The Rock Standing in the Ocean', 'Save Our Seas', 'Eco-rangers Save the Planet', 'Dogs on the Job', 'Operation Nest Egg', 'Bird's-eye View'. You can read my blog to find out what I have been doing.

I also:
•   Write educational units to go with my books
•   Write educational books for the international market
•   Write freelance educational units, articles and short stories
•   Interview authors from New Zealand and overseas
•   Review NZ Children's books on KidsBooksNZ blog
•   Blog about positive things kids are doing for the environment
•   Visit schools to give talks and workshops
•   Skype schools to give book talks

I also give author talks and workshops to students and teachers - find out how to book me on the Teachers' Page.

Have a look inside some of my books and hear about what inspired me to write them.


'Running the Country’ won a 2014 Storylines Notable book award in the non-fiction category.

Just released – a picture book called 'The Last of Maui's dolphins''

Ebooks – two enhanced children's non-fiction e-books. 'The Rock Standing in the Ocean: Te toka tu moana: RANGITOTO' and 'Operation Nest Egg Chick'.

'Eruption: Discovering NZ Volcanoes' is shortlisted for the LIANZA Awards 2013 in the non-fiction category and received a 2013 Storylines Notable book award in the non-fiction category.

'New Zealand Hall of Fame' now available in soft-back cover for $29.99 in all good book shops.

'New Zealand's Hall of Fame: 50 Remarkable Kiwi won the Children's Choice Non-fiction category at the New Zealand Post Children's Book Awards 2012!

'New Zealand Hall of Fame: 50 Remarkable Kiwi and 'The Call of the Kokako' are shortlisted in the LIANZA Awards in the non-fiction category. Congratulations to Heather Arnold for being shortlisted in the LIANZA Awards in the Illustration category for The Call of the Kokako. The award ceremony is held on the 6th August 2012.

'New Zealand's Hall of Fame: 50 Remarkable Kiwi' and 'The Call of the Kokako' received a Storylines Notable Book Award 2012 in the non-fiction category!

'Rangitoto' was a finalist in the 2010 New Zealand Post Children's Book Awards in the non-fiction category!

'Save Our Seas' has received a 2010 Storylines Notable Book award in the non-fiction category!

If your school would like to interview me or have a virtual workshop you can book me via the Book Talks website! We'll talk and see each other by using Skype technology.

Teachers, download the long awaited Discovering New Zealand Non-Fiction Children's Book teaching unit. If you book me for a day long author talk and workshop I'll give a free talk to your teachers (in the lunchtime or after school) about how to incorporate New Zealand non-fiction books into your reading programme and a dynamic non-fiction writing educational unit.

I'm planning to do lots of school visits in the Auckland region so if you want me to visit your school, get your teacher to send me an email.

Read about the value I give and receive from Writers in School talks – read more.

I hope to see you at a book launch or school visit one day...



I'm looking forward to seeing you at some of the following events:

More Events coming soon.


Talk to Maria on her Eco-RangersNZ blog

"My signature is writing books with an environmental message."

"Just a quick note to let you know how much we as a school appreciated the workshops and author talk last week. The students got so much from the opportunity, and were so excited by having met you."
Margie Askin-Jarden,
Teacher, Riccarton Primary School