New Zealanders have endured phenomenal natural and human disasters throughout the ages.

This inspiring book documents some of these key moments in our history and, more importantly, how we responded and grew stronger; what changes/improvements were made as a result.

Cyclones, tornadoes, earthquakes, landslides, floods, volcanic eruptions, fires, aeroplane crashes, pandemics and other disasters are just some of the many themes covered in this comprehensive, vibrantly illustrated account.

Includes: Outcomes, Safety Tips, and What to Do in an Emergency.

Sample - Earthquakes

Sample page - Abel Tasman

Sample - Pandemic

Sample page - Abel Tasman

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Journal Note

I had just started researching this book when the shocking mosque massacre occurred in Christchurch. I included a massacre chapter but we decided it was too soon and decided to just have a memorial page instead.

When Marco Ivancic was illustrating the book White Island erupted. Again I adjusted the book to include the latest volcanic eruption.

While Penny Scown edited New Zealand Disasters the smoke from the terrifying fires in Australia drifted over to us. The destruction in Australia was too devastating to ignore so I added information about it in the Introduction.

The designer had nearly finished designing the book when New Zealand went into lockdown due to the Covid19 pandemic. I changed that chapter several times, but once we went into another lockdown, the Scholastic team decided to delay releasing the book so that we could have the latest information about the pandemic.

New Zealand Disasters: Our response, resilience & recovery reflects not just historical and contemporary disasters but also disasters as they were happening at the time of producing the book in real-time.

Though it is about the disasters that have disrupted our country we wanted to include the positives as well. For example, how communities band together, what we learnt from them that would help us the next time, and the incredible people who help us recover and survive disasters.

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